SBI - Sea Bunkering International BV

About SBI

Whatever it takes to be different.

Yes, we are a world-wide trader in marine fuels, marine lubricating oils and marine chemicals. Operating in all ports around the world through our extensive network. We’ve been operating since 1990, and maintain long-term relationships with all major and independent suppliers around the globe. Giving us the increased buying power to offer our clients the most competitive prices. But a lot of companies can say this. So what makes us any different?

We do what the others do, but differently.
It’s the way we approach you and your business. Every single member of staff has something that many other companies lack today: a ‘Do what it takes’ mentality. We always look for a better solution. We see problems as opportunities. Sometimes we don’t need to be so extreme. Other times we do. The question is: how far are we willing to go to get the job done? The answer? Whatever it takes.

Focus on running your business.
Our diverse and highly experienced staff speaks your language. They’re always available to give you a flexible and sustainable solution for all your enquiries. One phone call is all it takes to get you the best value for your marine deliveries. Allowing you to focus on running your business.  Saving you time and money. 

Fresh ideas for long term clients
Because of this, we are a preferred trading partner with clients and suppliers across the world. These are long-term business relationships, yet we always strive to come up with fresh ideas to save you time and money. And keep your business moving.

Global yet personal
We’ve grown rapidly into a well-known, world-wide bunker and lubricants trader. Serving vessels in every conceivable port in the world. Yet, we have never lost sight of our personal service, low pricing and reliability.

We’re independent. Yet join forces to exceed expectations
We always look for better ways to serve our clients. It’s what we do. While we’re very independent, we also know that there are times when a customer needs more. Much more. That’s why SBI is part of the Kaeline group Limited.
This enables us to continue developing as an independent trader, yet it helps us to adapt to, and exceed, the expectations of our clients. Giving you the flexibility you need in today's rapidly changing shipping market.