SBI - Sea Bunkering International BV


A history of doing whatever it takes to keep your business moving.

The roots of our company go back to 1976, and a single thought: to make our clients successful we have to make the commitment within ourselves to do whatever it takes to get the job done. The second thing we did was to surround ourselves with a great and diverse team of like-minded experts. This became the seed for a joint venture in 1990 called SBI (Sea Bunkering International) B.V.
Due to several mergers, and an increasing number of orders, our company has grown rapidly in the past 25 years. We expanded from a small-sized company to a well-known, world-wide bunker and lubricants trader. With our own physical supply. Today, we serve vessels in every conceivable port in the world. Despite our growth, we still retain our emphasis on personal service, low pricing and reliability.